Snake! Snake! Snake! Snake! Snake! Snake! Snake! Snake!

The robber will see you now... Mwah-ah-ah-ah-ah-aaaa!

Verse #1

Sneaky, sly and shifty,

Let me introduce myself:

I'm the robber they call The Brickster 

a hazard to your health!

I'm here to wreck some mayhem

With my terrifying schemes

And snake your funny kids with my dastardly machines! MWAHAHAHA!

Brickster x2, they call him Brickster, (I'm Brickster!)

Brickster x2, the one to be afraid of, (I'm Brickster!)

Strangeglove, Strangeglove, they call him Doctor Strangeglove,

Brickster x4

Verse #2

I assume you think it's sinister

to hold an ancient grudge

but understand it cost my hand so don't be quick to judge!

A dog mangled it and chewed it like a shoe:

he thought it it was some hamburger, so now this glove must do!

Don't impede my evil deeds or try to foil my plan

. Even though I wear this glove I have some helping hands!

So peak outside your window, and check behind your door.

Is Brickster lurking or has he called before?

  • Chorus*

Verse #3

Let 'em have it Viper

(trumpet music)

Blow harder, you spherical fool!

(trumpet music)

(Brickster, the one to be afraid of, Brickster, cont.)

I'll show those Kids

Oh yes, nasty!

Today LEGO Island  tommorow The World!


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