The Creature of the Temple

Set Info

Set title The Creature of the Temple
Series Lego Scooby-Doo
Pieces 1200
Price 119.99
Created by Decca03

The Creature of the Temple is the second set in the Lego Scooby-Doo theme. It includes 7 minifigs and a dog.


The gang arrives at a temple to see their good friend, Jane. Professor Peabody is a treasure hunter. He wants Jane to leave so he can search for the treasure. While Jane shows the gang around, a raptor attacks. The gang finds clues in the temple. They trap the raptor and unmask it. It is Professor Peabody. He wanted to drive Jane away.


The temple is a large building filled with tricks and traps. It is made of gold Lego bricks.

Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine includes two rows of seats. Seat-belts are included.


  • Scooby-Doo:

Scooby is the basic Lego dog, except he has Scooby's collar and light brown fur with black spots.

  • Shaggy Rogers:

Shaggy includes a pure green torso with short sleeves. He has a normal face with a scared face on the back. Shaggy has a new hair piece designed to look like his hair in the show. He has brown legs.

  • Velma Dinkley:

Velma has a new hair piece designed to look like her hair in the show. She has a two sided face with glasses. One side is normal, and the other is scared. She has a pure orange torso and legs with a half-small-half-normal size.

  • Fred Jones:

Fred has blue legs. He has a white torso. There is a piece created for Fred's ascot. Fred has a hair piece designed to look like his hair in the show. His double sided face has a normal and scared expression.

  • Daphne Blake:

Daphne has hair designed to match her hair in the TV series. She has a purple torso, and her green scarf is an attachable piece. She has bright pink legs with a skirt attacked. Daphne has a double sided face, a scared side, and a normal side.

  • Professor Peabody:

The professor has is an exact copy of the Explorer.

  • Jane:

Jane has Peabody's torso and legs. Her face is like Velma's and her hair is a long brown hair piece.

  • Raptor:

The Raptor is made of 6 pieces. The body is one piece. It has an opening in the back to stick the culprit (Professor Peabody). You attach the head, legs, and arms.

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