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LEGO Dick Figures Video Game follows the plot of Dick Figures: The Movie by Mondomedia. It will include all major characters from the series as well.


Part I: The Great Sword of Destiny

First Day of Cool

Summary: Blue arrives on the first day of school. Navigate the playground and ride the seesaw. Fight off the bullies when they attack. Defeat Broseph (Young). Take down the swarm of bullies on the playground.

Characters: Blue (Young), Lord Tourettes (Young), Red (Young)

Enemies: Bully, Bully (Bat)

Boss: Broseph (Young) (3 Hearts)

A Birthday Gift

Summary: The lights are being shut off! Save the food before it "expires." Make your way down to the Pawn Shop and get inside. Get through the piles of stuff to try and find something for Pink's birthday. Find and talk to Papa-San.

Characters: Red, Blue

Enemies: none

Boss: none

10,000 Years Ago...

Summary: Fight off the ninjas attacking the village, then battle your way across the battlefield of demon ninjas and face Lord Takagami.

Characters: Papa-San (Warrior), Mama-San

Enemies: Demon Ninja

Boss: Lord Takagami (6 Hearts)

Booze Cruise

Summary: Make your way through the maze of crates at the docks. Fight your way past the "Guns-Have-Guns" Boat and sneak aboard the party ship.

Characters: Red, Blue

Enemies: Dock Guards, Loader, Loader (Checklist)

Boss: "Guns-Have-Guns" Boat (6 Hearts)

Japan Is Crazy

Summary: Make your way through the streets of Japan, down to the subways and find someone who can give directions to Ninja Sushi. Then take a train and travel up Sun Love Road, coming to the restaraunt. Defeat Son-San.

Characters: Red, Blue, Japanese Girl

Enemies: College Dude, Cosplayer

Boss: Son-San (4 Hearts)

Just Up That Mountain

Summary: Climb up the moutain as Son-San instructed. Fight through the dangerous booby trapped temple and get the Sword of Destiny's hilt. Complete the map while fighting the Demon Ninjas to figure out where the rest of the sword is. Escaped the ninjas in the forest.

Characters: Red, Blue, Japanese Worker, Japanese Transportsman, Blue (Hilt)

Enemies: Demon Ninja

Boss: Lord Takagami (3 Hearts)

Part II: A Stop in France

Lost At Sea

Summary: Escape across various ships, fending off Demon Ninjas. Stop them from advancing by blowing up the TNT crates and fleeing in the row boat. Out at sea, fight Red while avoiding the lightning bolts and waves.

Characters: Red, Blue (Hilt), Fish

Enemies: Demon Ninja, Shark

Boss: Red (5 Hearts)

Burrito Island

Summary: On the island, find a water source, then find a way to signal a plane. Get Cookygrin to drink so he cannot recognize Red and Blue. Get the guns of the plane working to fight of Demon Ninjas.

Characters: Red, Blue

Enemies: Demon Ninja, Jetpack Demon Ninja

Boss: none

1,000 Flights...

Summary: Make the flight away from the island as you are persued by Jetpack Demon Ninjas and navigate the Paris skyline.

Vehicles: Olivia, Seagull

Enemies: Jetpack Demon Ninjas

Boss: none

Le Torre Eiffel

Summary: Find someone who can help Blue and Red translate what Cookygrin told then. Hide and then escape the restaraunt as the cops barg in. Hotwire the car outside.

Characters: Blue (Hilt), Blue (Disguise), Red, Lord Tourettes

Enemies: French Police

Boss: none

Take the Wheel

Summary: Make your way through the streets of paris, avoiding the police. Reach the Eiffel tower without being arrested.

Vehicles: Stolen Car, Motorcycle (Red)

Enemies: Police Motorcycle, Police Car, Police Armored Vehicle

Boss: Police Copter (4 hearts)

The Cock of Paris

Summary: Reach the top of the tower to get the second piece of the Great Sword of Destiny. Place the hilt into the top to get the blade.

Characters: Blue (Hilt), Red, Lord Tourettes

Enemies: French Police, French Pilot

Boss: none

Part III: An Awesome Ending

Later, Paris!

Summary: Escape the Eiffel Tower and evade the police. Escape from the streets of Paris and make your way back to America.

Characters: Red, Blue (Sword of Destiny), Lord Tourettes

Enemies: French Police, French Pilot

Boss: none

We Made it Home!

Summary: Make your way from the subway to the streets of America. Head to the club with Stacy and party as Blue climbs up the mountain.

Characters: Red, Blue (Sword of Destiny) (Team 1) Red, Stacy (Team 2) Blue (Sword of Destiny)

Enemies: College Dude, College Dudette, Demon Ninja, Eagle

Boss: none

The Sword is Complete

Summary: Lord Takagami finally completed the Great Sword of Destiny! Rescue Blue before he is thrown to the lava. Battle the Demon Ninjas and take down Lord Takagami.

Characters: Red, Papa-San, Blue

Enemies: Demon Ninja, Jetpack Demon Ninja

Boss: Lord Takagami (6 Hearts)

Ocho Muerte

Summary: The giant octopus emerges from the volcano and reeks havoc on Red and Blue's town. Escape the volcano safely and make your way down the moutain in pursuit. Avoid the rubble and collapsing buildings to get to Pink's Birthday Party.

Characters: Blue, Red, Papa-San

Enemies: Demon Ninja, Jetpack Demon Ninja, Eagle

Boss: none

Not That Easy...

Summary: Fight your way to Pink's Birthday Party to protect her. Fight off Ocho Muerte and the throw the Great Sword of Destiny into its mouth to defeat it.

Characters: Blue, Red, Papa-San, Pink

Enemies: Demon Ninja

Boss: Ocho Muerte (9 Hearts)

A Happy Ending

Summary: Ocho Muerte regurgitated Papa-San and Mama-San. Avoid the explosion and keep it at bay as Ocho Muerte is destroyed.

Characters: Blue, Red, Pink, Papa-San, Mama-San

Enemies: Demon Ninja

Boss: Ocho Muerte (4 Hearts)

Characters (64)

  • Blue
    • Blue (Hilt)
    • Blue (Sword of Destiny)
    • Blue (Disguise)
    • Blue (Anime)
    • Blue (Young)
  • Red
    • Red (Young)
    • Red (Anime)
  • Pink
    • Pink (Young)
    • Pink (Anime)
  • Stacy
    • Stacy (Young)
  • Jason
  • Lord Tourettes
    • Lord Tourettes (Anime)
    • Lord Tourettes (Young)
  • Papa-San
    • Papa-San (Warrior)
    • Papa-San (Young)
  • Wife-San
  • Granson-San
  • Son-San
  • Mama-San
  • Lord Takagami
    • Lord Takagami (Father-San)
  • Father-San
  • Neptune
  • Mr. Dingleberry
    • Colonel Dingleberry
  • Captain DJ
  • College Dude
  • College Dudette
  • Cosplayer
    • Cosplayer (Nurse)
  • Smoker
  • Japanese Guide #1
  • Japanese Guide #2
  • Japanese Girl
  • Sonic
  • Small Robot
  • Japanese Worker
  • Japanese Transportman
  • Dock Worker Dave
  • French Waitress
  • Mime
  • Brad
  • Jacque
  • French Woman
  • French Customer (Woman)
  • French Customer (Child)
  • French Pilot
  • French Policeman
  • Bum
    • Bum (Red)
    • Bum (Blue)
  • Prostitute
  • Father-San
    • Father-San (Lord Takagami)
  • Ami Ugly
  • Ami Ugly (Fit)
  • Fish
  • Chad Cop
  • Captain Major Lieutenant Crookygrin Private First Class Retired

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