This new lego game is where all the Narnia movies join together! Full of action, puzzle solving, all in LEGO. The hubs in this game are the entries to Narnia. The first hub is the mansion with the wardrobe, the second hub is the subway station with a hole in the side of it, and the third hub is eustace's house with the painting fludding the room. When you go near the entries a map comes up, to choose which level you want to go in.

The Lion, the Whitch, and the Wardrobe

Chapter 1: The Wardrobe

Summary: Lucy goes in the wardrobe and meets Mr. Tumnus.

Characters:Lucy(modern), Mr. Tumnus

Chapter 2: Entering Narnia...again

Summary: Peter. Edmund, Susan, and Lucy are all in Narnia and go to the beavers house.

Characters: Peter(modern). Edmund(modern), Susan(modern), Lucy(modern), Mr. Beaver

Chapter 3: Time to get out of here

Summary: They get tracked down by wolves so they escape to the camp.

Characters: Peter(modern), Susan(modern), Lucy(modern), Mr. beaver, Mrs. Beaver

Chapter 4: The Camp of Asland

Summary: Finally they make it to the camp, and meet asland to get lessons

Characters: Peter(modern), Susan(modern), Lucy(modern)


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