==&nbsp Background==

It All Starts...

The storyline is based in Habot City. The trademark of the city is the Habot Headquartes, 154 meters (square, 505 feet, 42 floors), 169 meters (Triangle, 554 feet, 46 floor) and 187 meters (Circular, 614 feet, 49 floors) tall 3 Towers that houses Habot Robots Incorporated's Headquarters. They are employ a total of 11,127 eployees. The top floor of the circular tower has an indoor observation deck and a high-end resturant and the 48th floor is home to William "Furno" Habot's Personal Office, And The Rest Of The Floors Of The Circular Tower And The Triangular Tower's 18th-46th Floors Hosing Other Offices. The latter is the "Assembly Tower" (Assembly Zone Located In The Triangular Tower's 3rd-16th Floors) that constructs various robots which are shipped directly to the consumer's doorsteps when the Call Center (Located In The 17th Floor Of The Triangular Tower) revices calls from dealers. They can report their orders and ship robots. Founder of Habot Robot Incorporated is David Habot.

Inside the Assembly Zone, these robots are built every day. They are the product of the greatest minds of a generation working together with express purporse of building the most advanced robot ever created. These robotsare fitted with solid fibre-carbide plating, Quaza cores and stainless steel framework. Once constructed, the employees box 'em up and ship 'em to your doorstep.

List of robot ranks and variations

Central Bot

There Are Two Central Bots:

William "Furno" Habot.

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