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This is a stickup

Playable Character:Woody and Rex

Boss:One Eye Bart (5 stars)


Gather up a staff meeting

Playable Character:Woody and Slinky

Places:Andy's Bed,Andy's room

Those presents are......

Playable Character:Sarge,Army men,Army Men,Army Men

Places:Hall Way,Living Room,Plants

I am Buzz Lightyear

Playabe Character:Buzz Lightyear (Helmet on)

Boss:Woody (4 Stars)

Places:Andy's bed

===I can fly ===

Playable Character:Buzz Lightyear (Helmet on and wings out)

Places:Andy's Bed,Hot wheels loop

Its the real Buzz Lightyear!

Playable Characters:Woody

Boss:Buzz Lightyear (With helmet) (6 stars)


You want a peice of me

Playable Characters:Buzz Lightyear (Without helmet)

Boss:Woody (4 stars)

Places:Under car

Pizza Planet

Playable Character:Woody and Buzz Lightyear (With helmet)

Boss:Aliens (7 Stars)

Places:Claw Machine

Sid's Room

Playable Characters:Woody

Places:Sid's room

Use your Karate Chop Action!

Playable Character:Buzz Lightyear (With helmet)

Boss:Mutant Toys (11 stars)

Places:Sid's room

I can fly!

Playable Character:Buzz Lightyear (With Helmet)


Sid's house escape

Playable Character:Woody and Baby Face


We Toys Can see everything

Playable Characters:Woody and Big Baby



The moving van!

Playable Ride:Buzz on RC



He's at it again

Playable Characters:Hamm,Rex and Rock


Places:Moving Van

Buzz your flying!

Playable Ride:Buzz and Woody flying

Places:Truck,City and Car


Unlocks Buzz Lightyear Movie

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