Buzz Lightyear Video game

Playable Characters:Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear

Boss:Zurg (5 stars)

Places:Space,Zurg's fortress

Where's my hat

Playable Characters:Woody (Without hat) Buzz Lightyear (Without helmet)

Places:Andy's room,closet,vent

Let her go evil Dr.Porchop!

Playable Characters:Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Boss:Evil Dr.Porkchop


To the yardsale

Playable Ride:Woody riding on Buster

Places:Living room,yard sale

Get em' Buzz

Playable Characters:Buzz (Without helmet)

Places:Yard sale,street

Trapped in an appartment

Playable Characters:Woody and Bullseye


A 50's tv show

Playable Characters:Woody,Jessie,Bullseye,Stinky Pete (Characters are in black and white)

Places:Desert,grand canyon

To al's toy barn and beyond

Playable Characters:Buzz Lightyear and Slinky Dog


A stunt like that!

Playable Characters:Jessie

Boss:Woody (One arm) (3 stars)


Al's toy barn

Playable Characters:Buzz Lightyear,Slinky,Hamm,Rex,Mr.Potatohead

Boss:Army Men


Tell me i was'nt this deluded

Playable Character:Buzz Lightyear (Without helmet)

Boss:Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear

Places:Display Isle

Escape the toy barn

Playable Character:Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear,Hamm,Rex,Mr.Potatohead,Slinky

Boss:Rock Em Sock Em Robots

Places:Als Office

There tourchering him!

Playable Character:Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear and Mr.Potato head

Switches to:Buzz Lightyear (Without helmet)


Places:Al's appartment

Elevator adventure

Playable Character:Buzz Lightyear (without helmet),Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear and Rex



Drive to Pizza Planet

Playable Ride:Pizza Planet Truck

Boss:Al's Car (Stinky Pete throws glass at you)


Air Port

Playable Character:Buzz Lightyear (Without Helmet) Slinky Dog

Switches to:Buzz Lightyear (Without Helmet) Woody

Boss:Stinky Pete

Places:Luggage ship

Rescuing Jessie

Playable Ride:Woody and Buzz Lightyear riding Bullseye



What if Andy does'nt like me

Playable Character:Woody and Jessie

Boss:Stinky Pete


Stolen Ma' Space cows!

Playable Characters:Woody,Buzz Lightyear,Jessie


Places:Space Texas

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