uncharted 88


  1. levels. the hub is at the xmen base all the level chapters are xmen]xmen2]xmen3laststand]xmen origins]xmen first class] you can choose xmen2 or 3 before 1 but you cant do first class before origins and you cant do origins before xmen3 2 and 1
  2. ==xmen chapter 1 bar brawl ==
  3. summary: logan and rogue are trying to escape a bar characters: logan, rogue level type: brawl puzzle,
  4. ===chapter 2 sabertooth===
  5. summary: logan and rogue fight sabertooth characters: logan,rouge level type: boss,sabertooth10hearts extra notes story swap.
  6. ===chapter 3 first mission===
  7. summary: wolfverine,iceman,storm,cyclops,clousions,kitty,rouge have a mission characters: wolfverine,iceman,storm,kitty,cloussions,rogue,cyclops level type: brawl,puzzle

chapter 4 jean grey

summary: cyclops helps jean grey escape miltary jail characters: cyclops,jean grey (jail clothes) level type: puzzle

chapter 5 statue of liberty

summary: the xmen find raven and mangnetos team at the island characters: wolfverine,cyclops,jean grey,storm,iceman level type: boss,brawl,sabertooth5hearts,raven5hearts

chapter 6 the plan goes south

summary the team go after magneto before he gets away characters:wolfverine (beat up), storm, jean grey, cyclops level type: boss,magneto8heats

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