In this epic sequel to lego batman 3 bg the justice leauge will have to team up with the deadly suicide sqaud to defeat enchantress and the maniacal lex luther will they succeed for will they fall


Batman (bvs) (bvs armor) (classic) (unmasked) (darkest night) (gothom by gaslight)

Wonder woman (bvs) (classic) (classic cape) (david finch new 52)

Superman (bvs) (man of steel ) (solar siuit ) (classic) 

Green lantern (film) 

Aquaman (film)

Flash (film) (cw) (cw unmasked) 

Robin (classic) (teen titans) (film)

Nightwing (pre 52) (batman dick) 

Batgirl (classic blue cowl and cape) 

Harley quinn (comics suicide sqaud) (new 52) (classic) (gold dress) (unmasked) (harley quinns revenge)

Deadshot (unmasked) (comics suicide sqaud) (comics)

El dioblo (jacket) (comics) 

Katana (comics long hair) 

More to come 

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