In this epic sequal to lego marvel avengers this game takes place durring infinity war with levels such as captain marvel thor ragnorak spider man homecoming black panther with gaurdians of the galexy and characters from ant man & the wasp civil war winter soilder avengers avengers age of ultron and marvel comics


Ant man (classic civil war infinity wars all new all different scott lang hank pym )

Black widow ( age of ultron civil war winter soilder infinity wars classic all new all different natasha romanova yelena belova comics age of ultron)

Captain america (age of ultron civil war winter soilder infinity wars classic ww2 all new all different sharon carter cap falcon cap bucky cap steve rogers classic unmasked age of ultron unmasked)

Daredevil (classic classic orange and brown unmasked)

Iron man (mark 1 2 5 6 7 17 20 39 40 42 43 44 45 46 infinity wars unmasked)

Thor (classic age of ultron helmet classic helmet sleavless infinity wars thir ragnorark)

Wasp (ant man classic)

Jessica jones (jewel jewel brown hair what if avengers)

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