William "Will" C. Martin is a motorbike officer in the Lego City Police Department who was involved in

many major cases relating to the Lego City PD, the first of which being the Senator James Bratton case in 2015, known also as Brattongate. After that major political scandal, Will was involved in many other major cases for the LCPD. In 2017, Will teamed up with famous explorer and treasure hunter Johnny Thunder to discover the lost treasure of 1600s pirate Jack Edwards, who secretly stowed his fortune under Lego City's prison, Albatross Island, in 1654.


William C. Martin was born on June 21, 1992. Other than that, not much is known about his early life. In the wake of the Hypaxxus Invasion of 2011, Will acted as a volunteer police officer to stop riots and looters. After this, in 2012, after the city had recovered, Will became a regular member of the Lego City PD, riding a motorcycle into action.

On May 30, 2015, according to Will's friend at the station Greg Hughes, Will pulled a stunt during a heist at the International Bank of Lego City. About 5 days after this, on June 5th, the personal aide to Senator James Bratton, Michael Frederick, was killed after his car blew a tire and flipped over only to crash into an empty building. Will, along with another police officer, was one of the first responders on the scene. When Will arrived, two medics were already trying to pull Frederick's body from the wreckage. They eventually succeeded, and took the already-dead man's body to the hospital to officially pronounce him as deceased. While they loaded his body onto the ambulance, Will openly suspected foul play, when the officer next to him told him to "can it with the conspiracies" By the time Frederick's body was shipped off, it was already dusk, and Will headed home.

After Will got home, he looked up the name of the car-crash victim via the local Channel 12 news website. Seeing the name Michael Frederick, Will searched the name only to find that he was the aide to Ohio senator James Bratton. Will became even more suspicious, but went to bed after finding out Fredericks' name.

The next morning, Will awoke and headed to the police station on his own orange motorcycle, and when he arrived, he immediately headed down to the forensics office, where his friend Greg Hughes works.

(work in progress)

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